Dear listeners and friends,

On this occasion I want to give you some information about our radio broadcasts via TWR Monte Carlo and Radio Tirana.

I well remember our first broadcast, which was on 19 August 1961. The first speaker and editor was Dr. Josip Horak. The first woman speaker was his daughter, Nela Horak-Williams. "With such enthusiasm we were preparing the broadcast and with such yearning we were awaiting it," Dr. Horak stated and continued – "We only had only one weekly broadcast and that on short-wave! It could hardly be heard, and much patience was needed to listen to it to the end, because there were many disturbances, and the signal was weak... However, we were from all our heart thankful to the Lord in heaven and TWR on earth for the first program in the Croatian language."

Today we daily have broadcasts on UKW and Internet. Our prayer is that the Lord reward all those who are enabling this: TWR, ERF in Wetzlar (Germany), Sanasaattajat in Finland, and other generous sponsors and our dear listeners. Our work is financed exclusively by means of voluntary contributions of listeners.

We began our first program of 19 August 1961 with the words of the Apostle Paul from the Epistle to the Romans 10:8 – "The Word is near you: it is in your mouth and in your heart, that is, the Word of faith which we are preaching." In that is our great responsibility. Our assignment is that through our broadcasts we draw people near to Jesus Christ, the Savior. "He is near to us through His Word," stated Dr. Horak, who was faithfully working on the broadcasts, all the way to the last day of his life. Most certainly the Lord has a reward for the work and effort of Dr. Horak, to whom we are thankful from all our heart. The work of VAL EVANĐELJA (Wave of the Gospel) is a continuation of the work, which our dear co-worker Dr. Josip Horak began and was doing.

I know that is a considerable number, dear listeners, who regularly follow us from the very beginnings. I thank you, as well as all the other appreciated listeners, for such attention. Thanks to all who have been writing us and who are regularly praying for us. Your letters are an encouragement for us and the work which the gracious Lord has entrusted to us. We ask of you, to continue to pray for us and our ministry by way of radio.

I want to conclude with the words of 1 Sam.7: 12 – "Thus far the Lord has helped us."

Yours in Christ's love,

Ferdo Sadak